GO Device SmartCharge Platform - Device Installation & Warnings

Expandable Telematics Device

The telematics device is a small form-factor device. Device installation is often straightforward and can be completed successfully by following these instructions. Vehicle specific guides for installing your GO™ device with applicable harnesses are available for convenience of install or to keep the diagnostic port exposed if desired.

Read important related safety information and limitations of use following these installation instructions. Read and follow all instructions and warnings to prevent serious injury and/or vehicle damage.

Before Installation, add the device to your online Smart EV Rewards account using the device serial number. This will ensure all data logged from point of install onward is sent to your online application.

Preparing For Installation

Before installing your device, please document your device serial number. You will need this information at a later time to verify your installation.

  1. If you have any questions or concerns please consult our support team at [email protected].
  2. Ensure no dash warning lights are on in the vehicle while it is running, and all other functions such as headlamps and flashers etc. are working prior to installing the device.

WARNING! Some installations are not straightforward and vehicle-specific instructions must be followed carefully. An unsecure device installation can cause poor electric and/or data connection that can lead to short circuits and fires or cause malfunctions of vehicle controls that can result in serious personal injury or significant damage to your vehicle. For any issues or concerns related to securing the device and or installation, reach out through one of the support channels identified above.

WARNING! Do not attempt to install, reconfigure or remove any product from a vehicle while the vehicle is in motion or otherwise in operation. All installation, configuration or removal must be done only in stationary vehicles which are securely parked. Attempting to service devices while the vehicle is in motion could result in malfunctions or accidents, leading to death or serious personal injury.

Installation in Four Steps

If your make and model is not in the list of vehicle-specific instructions on https://www.smartevrewards.com/support/, the following basic installation steps can be followed.

Locate the vehicle’s diagnostic port.

Align the receiver end of the
device with the diagnostic port and push in place. Please ensure the device is well connected to the diagnostic port. Once connected, the device emits 6 quick beeps.

Ensure there is a 20cm (8”) separation between the driver and the device.

Once the device is connected and receives power, the LEDs on the front of the device start blinking then turn solid once completing the actions below.

  • Red LED — Device configuration
  • Green LED — Cellular network connectivity
  • Blue LED — GPS network
  • Note: The device should be in good cellular coverage during installation process.

The device emits two quick
beeps every 60 seconds during set-up. Initial startup may take several minutes to complete.

Once all three LEDs turn solid and you hear 10 quick beeps, secure the device using the provided cable tie.

Note: The device starts updating when the green and blue LEDs turn solid.

WARNING! All in-vehicle devices and related cabling must be securely fastened and kept clear of all vehicle controls, including or accelerator, brake and pedals. This requires the use of a cable tie when securing the device or any extension harness to the vehicle diagnostic port, securing both sides of the harness. If you do not use a cable tie, vibration in the vehicle can lead to a loose connection which could indirectly cause the vehicle’s computer system / drivetrain to fail, loss of vehicle control and cause serious injury. Inspect devices and cabling regularly to ensure all devices and cabling continue to be securely attached.

WARNING! If at any point after an in-vehicle device is installed a warning light illuminates on the vehicle dash or the vehicle stalls or has a marked drop in performance, shut off the ignition, remove the device, and contact support. Continuing to operate a vehicle with these symptoms can cause loss of vehicle control, and serious injury.