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During the application process, you will receive a link to connect your Tesla by providing your Tesla account credentials.

The Tesla account username and password are used to obtain data access and are not stored or recorded anywhere. If you would like to discontinue participation or revoke access, you can change your password at any time.

If you have changed your Tesla account credentials, the connection to your vehicle and the Smart EV program will no longer exist. To reset this connection, please get in touch with the Smart EV Rewards support team ([email protected]).

Please ensure you have mobile access enabled on the Tesla vehicle you wish to connect to your Smart EV Rewards account. This can be completed in your vehicle under Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access.

If you have logged in with the wrong username or password multiple times while attempting to connect to your Tesla account, your account may have become locked. Please visit https://www.tesla.com/teslaaccount and reset your Tesla account password. Once this is reset, please login to your Smart EV Rewards account and connect to your Tesla account.