Get rewarded
for charging your EV.

Get rewarded for charging greener

With just a few steps you can earn rewards for charging in a way that is better for the environment.

Get Enrolled

Confirm your eligibility in a regional Smart EV Rewards program and receive a free connected car device.

Get Connected

Create a Smart EV Rewards account and either install your connected car device or connect your vehicle’s on-board telematics system.

Get Charging

Charge your EV during your program’s “off-peak” hours and do your part to reduce carbon emissions.

Get Rewards

Follow your program guidelines to receive monthly rewards! Log into your account to track EV driving efficiency, greenhouse gas savings, battery health and how much you have earned.

Smart charging happens here

Smart EV Rewards programs are popping up everywhere.

Start your journey

Join a Smart EV Rewards program near you to earn rewards for charging smarter.